Kiln Opening Feb 2010 Kiln Opening Feb 2010 Wood fired stoneware with fish 169184746 Double Walled Perfume Bottles Carved double walled small bottles with lids- sold 70680975 Ball Tea Pot Saphire Blue Glaze The new Saphire Blue is wonderfully dark, with green and blacks in it. 70680980 Bird on a pot 169184748 Moose Mugs Special Order Mugs for Joe and George. Wonder why the Moose? 70680982 Dragon 169184749 Button up that Tea Pot Details in the handle and spout. Straps and buttons. $65 70680985 Double walled carved pitcher 169184750 Tea pot and cup Teapot $65 teacup $20 70680986 pedistal mugs footed mugs wtih new Saphire Blue combinations $25 each 70680987 Carved Doublewalled bottles Various small double walled carved bottles sold 70680988 Tall Goblets Tall Goblets. $35 each 70680999