Sample of my work Sample of my work Dragon condiment dish and small fish Porcelain dish and small wall hanging. both sold 190620964 Bee Still and Know you are Beautiful Porcelain two piece sculpture 180712459 Dragonfly mugs Porcelain mugs for sale $25 each 190620966 Dragonfly canisters Porcelain lidded jars 190620967 Blue and green work Various porcelain pieces 190621000 Lizard Vase Porcelain vase with happy lizard on lip 190620969 Fairy Tales Stoneware figures 190620968 Bird on a Jug stoneware fired cone 6. sold 160550930 Fish on a platter Wood fired stoneware. 160550932 Lizard wall hanging Hand built stoneware cone 6 Lizard wall hanging. sold 160550933 Lizard Wish Pot sold 180712464 Lizard Wish Pot Detail sold 180712465 Butterfly wish pot sold 180712466 Dragonfly Wish Pot sold 180712467 Teddy Bear Wish Pot sold 180712578 Ball Vases painted iris Porcelain jars approx 6 inch each. $54 each. 191503608 Various porcelain pieces Painted vases, hanging small fish. 191503609 Base to Table Lamp Porcelain base, unwired in progress. 191503610 Candle holder Porcelain pedestal candlestick with carved top. $65.00 191503611 200234445 200234446 200234447