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About Me

My name is Alezsandra and I live in London.  I've been married for almost ten years and have two wonderful children, a girl that's seven and a boy who is five.  My husband and I met at school and we've been together ever since, I'm very proud of that, it's almost unheard of these days.


I love cats and own a cattery and I think I have the perfect job.  I get up, play with cats all day and get paid for it.  Life doesn't get any better than that.


I'm interested in history and tracing my family tree.  I've managed to get as far back as the 1600s and I even have some royal blood running through my veins... very much diluted but that's not the point, it makes me feel important lol!


I like reading, swimming and pottering in my little garden.  I'm a "little" bit overweight and have just joined the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program to try and lose a couple of stone in time for my sisters wedding in November.  I've been doing all of the usual things, you know, pictures of very fat people on the fridge, chomping on carrots and the like.  I've also cut out all of the sweets and chocolate and go for a spoon of Manuka Honey whenever I have the craving for something sweet.  At least it's healthy.


So, nice to meet you all, I'm looking forward to being part of the community.

Angela Barrett

Bill Boor
35 years old
About Me

I love to work on my playstation! I'm an expert at  PS3 repair and PS3 overheating.

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About Me


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Dammi Lyon
About Me

2-D artist of the fantasy nature

About Me

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Jasper Olivia Dech
About Me

Hi All,

I am Olivia, interest on many kinds like :

Video Games, gardening, gadget, travel, shopping, science etc.


I start this on Aug 10, 2010 actively, never involve on net activities or writing before.

After find this website, I decide to joint and share , I hope it will be usefull for me and others too.


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53 years old
About Me

Hello. My name is Jonathan Mathers.

I'm a man in my early 40's who loves dirtbiking and fishing. I have a young daughter as well. She loves to go dirtbiking, but is still a bit young to ride on her own. She has a love for hamsters, and ran accross this site, so I had to sign up. What daddy's will do for their daughters right? lol.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Movie: Dinner For Schmucks

Favorite Drink: Coors Light

Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Rays

Anyways, I work for a company that sells a weight loss supplement called Acai Max Cleanse. Acai Max Cleanse is an acai cleanse pill that helps people lose weight with little or no exercise. Eating right is always recommended.

Anyways, I don't wanna seem like I'm pushing my product here, I made this profile because I was bored and needed something to keep me busy online. I work very hard all day, seven days a week. But who doesn't nowadays. The economy is low, so we need to do what we need to do, right?

Acai supplements are real, and I stand by them. This is why I added it here. Enough about me, let's start browsing some sites and getting to know people!

Lee Bennett
About Me

My hobbies are diy and specifically woodworking. Now that the kids have left home I like nothing more than tinkering in the shed (it's my sanctuary!). I try to make things for the home and for the grandchildren but mostly it's just about having fun and spending time in peace and quiet trying to learn a new skill. If anyone is starting out as a woodworker then start with a small project first and build up gradually. Make sure you get yourself a good set of woodworker plans. You don't have to buy all the equipment you need at first, beg borrow steal or hire it :) Once you know what you use a lot for woodworking then buy the tools you need. Most importantly have fun and enjoy it.

Mobile Mike
58 years old
About Me

Hi fellow internet travellers!  Let me greet you on your journey, where ever that journey may be headed at this particular junction of your life.

As we wind through the twists and turns of turbulent life day after day the internet has become my true haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  It enables me to travel round the world in the comfort of my armchair, experiencing cultures from my living room, and communicating with people from all walks of life while enjoying a warm mug of tea.

I don't know where I would be without the internet, even I have the internet on my Mobile Phone and never put it down while I'm at work, in fact I get in a little trouble for browsing the social sites using my Unlimited Internet allowance.

I think that the new thing on the internet is definitely going to be Micro Consoles, bringing interactive gaming consoles to a whole new level. I bet if you got one of those new Android Tablets from samsung or sony you'd be able to have tons of fun, checking out all the cool stuff on the internet with a decent sized screen no matter where you are!

Heaven for me!

Ray Welch
35 years old
About Me

Hey. I'm a real outdoors type who loves to go camping in my tent. I love to hear the sound of the water in a nearby creek, or in bad weather the sound of the rain on canvas (or should that be polypropolene these days...). I'm lucky to have a spacious 4 man tent that is an Outwell tent, a perfect family tent. Being a pop up tent means it goes up nice and easy. If you want to try out camping then I recommend looking for tents for sale and stop thinking about it, just get out there and enjoy the fresh air. 

Roberto Cardin
35 years old
About Me

Hi, I am Roberto. My friends used to call me nerd, hhmm.. oh well, thats true, Im a tech nerd. I spend most of my time on the front of my computer. I can also set up some websites, here are few, T1, Christian Bookstore and The Rapture.

I am also a big CSI guy, I just love stuff like that and like to watch real life CSI on the different cable channels and my new one i just started which i think its called the investigation channel.

Roland Macanamara
About Me

Hi there folks and folkstresses.

I'm Rockin Roland, and heres some info about me -

Favourite Food - Cabbages

Favourite Drink - Elderberry Wine

Favourite Quote - What once was where but now what was once was there instead - read it on a beer mat

My Life

I have led a simple life for many years, but with the local aristocracies recent inovation of OLPT (one laptop per tramp) I have been blessed with the internet for the last 6 months, even though I dont live in a house!

It's really great,  I love learning all kinds of new stuff, and if ever I get some kind of infection or bitten by a random forest bug and break out in a rash, well the internet is there to help me find the answer nowadays.

Obviously the downside for me is the Solar powered batteries, sometimes here in Lapland we dont get sun for a few days, so I cant check my favourite websites all the time.  Keeping my best tabs bookmarked has helped me to come back and read anything I need at a later date.

Another thing I love about the internet is how all these sites share information and love with eachother by way placing Backlinks ( 2291-1buckplr ) for eachother on eachothers sites.

I've learnt a lot about that especially on this Backlinks Forum site.

Here's a little song I learned from the internet and I'd like to share it with you -

Life is greater than the internet

Life is greater, it's everything you've got

Start going your own way


Just be glad with your gift of existence

Don't kill time there's not much left at all

Cause all that counts is now and it is given

In your hands to live and to let grow


There's one greater than the internet

There's one greater, his love is all that counts

He fights for you all day


When you cry no video will help you

When you die no youtube stuff will help

All that counts is that you see you're worthy

Being his beloved and his lost child

Sandra Greenos
43 years old
About Me

Hi guys and gals!


Really looking forward to joining the community.  I have a positive attitude and I'm quite energetic.  I love dealing with people, learning about them and enjoy and accept the differences we, as people, believe and have.  I'm very open minded and believe life should be lived to the fullest.  I try not to take anything seriously!


Professionally, I've worked as a nurse for the last 8 years, I love my job.  I have some bad days as I'm sure everyone does, but on the whole, it is extremely fulfilling.


In my playtime, I like to get out and about.  I enjoy movies, shopping and taking part in crazy challenges for charity. 


I've recently lost 23 pounds on the acid alkaline diet so I'm looking good and feeling good.  I'm young free and single but I'm not looking for love.  I'm just having a laugh in life right now and I don't want it any other way!  I have two horses which I take care of with cortaflex and they are the only men I want in my life.


I've set myself a challenge to read a book a month every day this year and so far I've managed to keep it up so I'm quite proud of myself at the moment, I just hope I can keep it up until the end of the year.

Sean Hoey
About Me

Feel the anticipation for hunting. If at first you don't succeed - reload! ...

About Me

Hello and welcome to my page!

My name's Arleen and I'm interested in all types of jewelry - from antique jewelry to modern diamond jewelry.

In fact, I have a blog where I write about jewelry. If you have time please have a look at my latest post: choker necklaces for women.

41 years old
About Me

I'm a chilled out kinda of guy, born of the internet generation so love most sites that have some sort of community. Really enjoy websites and I'm a big kid at heart so love fancy dress for halloween which is why I have a transofmer costumes website optimus prime rocks. The cartoon was the best though.

35 years old
About Me

love life, live life :) I love all things webby and my  main passion if football or soccer for our US friends. I follow Liverpool FC and even have a website for them. Its called Watch Liverpool Online and it lets you watch us online and keep up to date with Liverpool News

Site Owner
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