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Illumination: Gallery Opening Feb 10, 2013

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Mountainside NJ Show Nov 13 & 14, 2010

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Just opened the last glaze kiln for the show this weekend.  So exciting. 


Make sure to stop by and see me This weekend Nov 13 & 14 for the show at Mountainside and see what else I have.



Kiln Opening Feb 19, 2010

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Better than Christmas.  All 48 Pots survived the Kiln.  I have a terrible nightmare that the pots all crumble back to dust in the kiln, so when I open up the lid and see bright shiny pots, I'm a very happy potter. 


Tried some new recipes this time and wasn't sure how runny they would be, so you can understand that my nightmares were dusty crumbs soaked in runny glaze.  Isn't chemistry wonderful, put in a little sand, a little dirt and some flux materials and you get glaze. 


Kiln Opening February 19, 2010

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Just like Christmas, only better.  Every piece came out great.